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It’s time for your daily milking, boy. Don’t get fussy; I know a horny little bitch like you can’t go too long between whack off sessions or you’ll get yourself into trouble.

Slurp it up
Have you always been interested in cum eating but can’t bring yourself to do it?

Just a Taste
I want to make you addicted to cum.

Trance: Sperm Addiction
7 Day Cum Eating Challenge Oh my little cum loving slut I have got a treat for you! I have got 7 days of challenges to test you and push your limits.

CEI challenge day 5
I want you to cum right into your cup for me. And if you resist it, I’ll just mix it into your smoothie and force you to drink it!

Cum Eating Instructions – Jerk Off Instructions, Birthday Smoothie Domination
Either you are thinking about eating your cum. Have eaten your cum many times or ingested many random loads like a whore.

Fresh Pumped Semen
During the clip you stop and tell me to take a lick of precum, then after you make me get down and lick it off the floor.

Lick It Up From The Floor