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She instructs you to swallow your man-mess after you finish!

The Secretarys
She only wants to watch you jerk off so she can humiliate you and make you eat your cum.

Eat Your Cum for Summer Monroe
Its your daily protein call! And its so sweet of me to make time for you before I go about my day.

Cum Swallower
You come over to your girlfriend's place and I'm excited to see you. I've been reading about fetishes on the internet.

Bitter Drink
You lack the conviction and confidence it takes to follow through. But here...with me...you'll find you have all the courage you need. Simply surrender.


Ariana thinks it is funny to make boys eat their own cum, and she knows she make you do it.

Eat Your Cum for Ariana
So whip out that dick, sock boy, and start stroking it for Me. Once you eat your cum for Me, these are all yours.

Sock Pervert CEI