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When you cum into your hand, I want you to smear it into your armpit real good for me. Now put all that cum back into your mouth and swallow it down like a good boy.

Jerking off to my Arm Pits CEI
I want you to cum into this little shot glass..then drink it up, cum slut!

Cum Shots!
Stroke for me, come on, jerk for cock. Soon you'll be mind fucked and begging me to allow you to cum for cock, to be allowed to spill your semen for cock.

Cock Craving Faggot
When I finally allow you to come, you'll have your legs over your head and your cock pointed right into your mouth. You'll swallow every fucking drop of it; the jizz will shoot straight onto your tongue, and you won't have a chance to even think about chickening out. But you won't swallow right away - I'm going to make you savor it...

Play With Your Delicious Cum
You're going to put that handful of creamy boy filth into your mouth and roll it round - just like some cum flavored mouth wash.

Mouth Wash
Including licking your fingers clean of your own jizz. It won't taste bad, it won't be humiliating. It will be sweet, satisfying, and incredibly fulfilling.

Trance: Edging Extreme for Cum Consumption
Wanna jack off and cum? Eat it AND cause a little trouble in the relationship too?

Cum Eating Kisses 4 Wifey