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So, you want to cum again for me, do you? Natrually. A honry little boy like you can only think about his dick. Lucky for you, I'm in a rather generous mood, so I'm going to let you play with it. You're going to follow along while I tell you just how I want you to stroke it and then, you're going to blow that load for me.

Eat Your Cum For Noel
Selena's going to tell you just how to jerk it and then what you have to do to clean up your mess after!!

Selena's cleaning bitch
No domination cum eating instruction:
You are required to get your cock hard before watching this clip and have a glass ready.

7 Loads CEI
You have a need to ingest your own cum. But you have an issue with how it tastes. Every time you cum and try to eat it, you can't swallow it because of the taste. But you want to sooo badly. You need to. You wish you could. Well after today, that issue will no longer plague you. I am going to hypnotize you today, and by the time I am through, you will Love the taste of your own cum, and you will be able to gobble up every load from now on.

Rewiring Your Brain To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet
There is new scientific proof that the more cum you eat, the gayer you become. Yes seriously. And it doesn't even matter whether it's someone else's cum or your own. Eating cum makes you gay. So in order to test this theory, we're going to do a little experiment. I know you eat a lot of your own cum, so I've been wondering.... Have you started to have gayer thoughts or fantasies? And I also wanted to know if you've started craving it in your ass a bit more? Hmm I see, so both of those things are true. You must be eating a lot of cum because these are definitely two side effects.

Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment
I know you're struggling with getting to the point where you can finally eat your own cum. You're so curious what it tastes like, your mouth salivates just thinking about actually going through with it.

Eased Into Cum Eating!!!
Stare at me and stroke. But you know my devious ways, you know I'm not easy masturbation material. So you stroke, you blow and then you lick it all up for me.

Cum Licking Tease