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I am always amused by making boys squirt all over their earnest little faces. I recently got these neat Liberator shapes and this one is perfect for assuming the correct self-facial position, but you could mimic it with pillows or a wall.

Self Facial
Splatter On Your Face Your Own Cum

Splatter On Your Face Your Own Cum
I know the thought of eating your cum must be very disgusting to you, however I am going to give you a little lesson that will result in you swallowing your first load.

Cum Eating Lesson
We've had a fun little game going lately. Every day while you're at work, I order you into the bathroom, force you down on all fours, and make you humiliate yourself for Me.

Cum Eating Toilet Whore
Humid patio, licking cum on floor

Humid patio, licking cum on floor
You're going to do something special for me today. Something extra humiliating. You are gonna go to the store and buy some adult diapers. I wonder what the people in the store will think? LOL But that's far less humiliating than what I'm going to have you do.

Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It
Lie on your back with your ass in the air and I want you to jerk off and come right in your mouth.

Forced To Eat Your Cum