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I want you to start this video off, with a tray of ice cubes full of semen. If you don't have any, stop the video, and go make yourself some cum cubes.

Cum Cubes So You Can Savor Every Drop
Get out your trusty shotglass for this one. Follow instructions...as I've got a fun game to play. I'm going to make you into my little cum eating bitch over the next 60 days.

Continuous Cumming
Your number one obsession is wanking let's celebrate it by following my demands seductively talked you into swallowing your own shot straight from your cock at my cum countdown at the end, swallowing every last drop, as you helplessly stare at me verbally and visually stimulating your mind and wank stick in my Chloe top, silk petroleum blue undies, sheer stockings and Louboutin Pigalle at my feet.

Straight From The Source
She attacks you dick, pulls your hair and pulls off your pants and putting your legs over your head and JERKS YOU OFF IN YOUR OWN MOUTH.

Lets To Shoot In Your Own Mouth
Now start jerking faster for me working that pathetic little thing you call a cock.. Yes loser it’s ok, you can admire my body now, think about how good it’s going to feel cumming for me once I allow you.

First Timers Chores
I force you to is more like it! Not only that but the end instruction, oh my god, lol, the yummy taste I hope your hungry for, I just can't wait! This is going to be a humiliating one, so your warned!

Very Humilating Cum Eating
I'm going to make you crave your own cum for Me… I'm going to make you completely addicted to your own spunk. I'm turning you into a helpless cum-craving addict.

Cum Eating Addict