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The how to guide of properly eating your own cum. Before we can do that you must follow my jack off instructions first along with my exact movements.

How To Eat Your Own Cum
How can you resist eating your own jizz when you know you're doing it for Me? It's not as disgusting and perverted to be a cum craving loser when you're only doing it because I'm encouraging you...right?

Cum Craver
I believe secretly you love having a gorgeous woman telling you to cream your face. Someone to just roll you up into a ball and force you to cover your face with sperm.

Creating The Perfect Cum Face Mask
Now, If you want to hold out, then you can follow the instructions I give you in this clip. As long as you keep following my rules and commands, you'll be my good boy. Ready to follow the leader, pet?!

Bratty Bunny's Obedience Part 6
You're a humiliation addict so you're to cum in a degrading way. So get on your back and jerk your stupid cock in your face and when you cum, you're going to give yourself a big, sticky facial!

Intense Humiliation - Cum Junkie Facial
I want you to put your legs over your head while I'm jerking your cock & shoot your load right into your mouth for Me. Come on, will you do it for Me, please??? I wanna see you eat that cum!!!

Getting Off with Girlfriend's Sis
Make up to for all those time jerking off without me telling you to, you are going to jerk off.. right into your mouth. Every last fucking drop. So, take your little dick out, and start stroking it.

Right Into Your Mouth!