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Go ahead loser and unzip those pants of yours. I want to see your cock get all hard for me. You know how sexy I like in any outfit! Start stroking that dick for your princess.

You ready for a little dessert?
I tell you how in order to know what I mean, you'd have to try it. I'll assist you with the instructions and you'll be able to look at my body to stroke. At the end though, you KNOW what you must do.

Talked Into Eating Your Own Cum
So I heard you're having a difficult time eating your cum. Well that's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere don't they? And you've come to the right place. You'll be a dirty cum guzzling slut by the time I'm done with you.

Hey Cum Guzzler
My hubby doesn't like me tossing our used condoms in the trashcan because the dogg always digs them out. Besides, it's such a pain to have to get out of bed and go and toss them in the trash anyway.

Condom-Eating Cuck
Go down deep for me in my soft and sensual trance. There's not an ounce of humiliation in this clip which implants hypnotic suggestions to change the taste and feel of your own jizz.

Trance: I Need Creamy Cum
The moment my voice slides into your ears, all of those suggestions come tumbling back: this secret desire to eat your cum.

Cum Indoctrination
With cum freshly extracted from my hubby after he returned from his business trip, I instruct you to sniff, taste, savour, gargle and swallow his yummy delicious spunk in a condom covered with my pussy juices.

Cum Swallowing Instruction - From A Used Condom