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I love making you so weak you can't even control yourself... Let go of all control, let Me take over. I know your little secret. I know that tonight - you wanna be My little bitch. Come on, admit it. You want to lose all control and follow all My demands.

Cum Eating Slut
The main rule is no jacking off unless you let them know you are going to do it. They don't want it on the carpet or the bed sheets or anything. They show you a shot glass that you are allowed to cum in, but they have to supervise to make sure you don't miss the glass.

Cum Eating JOI from Roomies
Blow your load. Save your loads. Fill a nice little cup full.

Loser Love Juice Facial
So you’re a totally normal dude, right? You’re not like all these other “OLD, UGLY, DEGENERATE FREAKS” who serve Me. You’re “younger”… “attractive”… totally “normal.” Or.. so you claim to be. Well.. since you’re so intent on trying to convince Me how totally “normal” you are, I’m going to tease you.

CEI for a "normal dude"
From here on out, any slave of mine must eat every single cum load that spews forth from his penis! I'm tired of you slaves jerking endlessly to me, getting your rocks off constantly, with no repercussions!

Swallow Your Load
I am going to make you stroke your dick in front of me. You should know exactly what to do by now so take your dick out for me and start masturbating!

Your Cum Eating Reward
You enjoyed my last clip that i instructed you to wank upside down with your dick pointed at your mouth didn't you, well i've got a better idea for this one, but your gona have to bend that back even more, and get that little dick pointed right at your mouth, so that when you cum you don't waste a drop.

A mouth full of hot cum