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I know you're struggling with getting to the point where you can finally eat your own cum. You're so curious what it tastes like, your mouth salivates just thinking about actually going through with it.

Eased Into Cum Eating!!!
Stare at me and stroke. But you know my devious ways, you know I'm not easy masturbation material. So you stroke, you blow and then you lick it all up for me.

Cum Licking Tease
You want so desperately to eat your own cum, but you always seem to chicken out. If I were there with you, I could shove your own filth in your face.. But since I'm not, I'm going to seduce you into it instead. When your cock is hard, you're malleable and agreeable to whatever I want.

Seduced Into Cum Eating
How fucking pathetic are you? Really? Like how the fuck can you possibly get off to eating your own fucking load? Well honestly I do not give a fuck if it gets you off or not, you are going to do it.

Eat Your Fucking Cum
I'm showing no mercy today. I know what you want to do. Your not going to be shy with Me today. Your going to work and jerk that cock and eat the cum up for Me, like the good little cum slut that you are.

Eat Your Cum Slut
You filthy little semen swallower! You cant get enough of your hot, salty cum blasting down your throat, you need it as much as you need to breath oxygen. I want to see you on your back stroking away nice and hard as I tease you because I am going to make you swallow like a porn star! Are you ready?!?!?

Swallow like a porn star
Since I am not about to be getting any cum anywhere near My face/mouth.. I've decided to nominate you cum guzzlers to take on the task. You love the taste of a real man's load in your mouth, don't you?

You LOVE the taste of cum don't you? Guzzle on My boy friend's big fat load of jizz!