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Boys are always asking girls to get on their knees and suck them off. They seem to think that we get off on it. What you don't understand that getting a face full of cum isn't hot.

A Faceful Of Cum
I also know another little thing you looooove so much, thats right I know you like drinking up your nasty man cum SO if you want to jerk it to my perfect tits your gonna lick it all up for me.

Lick it up for my tits!
Do you think that Kendra does not see all the pervy things that you do around the house? She knows everything. If she wanted you to jerk yourself off, she would have given you permission.

Eating my cum for Kendra James
You've been ordered to eat your own cum before, but the idea repels just as much as it attracts you. You want to obey your Goddess' demands, but you can't imagine enjoying the experience of eating cum.

You Need Cum