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I want you to be a good pet and eat your cum for me. Watch how much it turns me on as you follow my directions to becoming the best cum eating slut around.

Turning Each Other On
Giving you the facial you deserve. Your a total loser and cum eating junkie the title alone made you hard.

Spray Your Loser Goo
I seduce you better than ever where you are going to want to cum on your own face...

Jizz On Your Face
Ok listen up losers this is one of those self eating cum games.

Self bukkake
This is it today is the day you are no longer going to be a virgin. Well a CEI virgin anyway you have thought about this for far to long now.

Virgin CEI
I know what a sucker you are for low cut tops you just cant help your self..

Cleavage Whore
Jerk it faster so I can watch you gobble up each and every last drop of your own pathetic, disgusting cum load.

Schoolgirl CEI Mindfuck