Earn the right to eat your cum!

Earn Your Cum!
Will you Smoke for her, hurt your cock for her, and eat your own disgusting cum?

Breathe & Suffer
I'm going to ruin your orgasm and make you lap up all the cum that dribbles from your dickhead, slut!

I throw in some CEI and cum countdown

Pleasing Your Goddess JOI CBT & CEI
...and you’re going to eat it all up for m just the way I tell you to.

Beat it then Eat it!
I don't have to be mean to get you to do what I want, and it's oh-so-fun to make you do it in game form

Wheel of Femdom
If you cum prematurely you owe me a tax and you must lick it and start over. My dirty mouth and the way I move my body will have you pre cumming all over.

JOI Strip Tease with Extreme Edging

Added: 9/18/18
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