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You'll need rubber bands or hair ties, a cactus and your appetite.

Masturbation My Way

Added: 11/29/18
Now if you thought that was bad enough... wait until Wednesday tells you whats she's going to do with your cum after you've exploded..

Addams Family Taboo

Added: 10/4/18 0
Finally, after another short break, you'll be ending the video by only sniffing and eating your own cum load like a good boy!

At the start of the clip you have to guess the color of my panties. If you're wrong you have to cum in your mouth.

Oh, you dirty boy. Did you bring me what I asked for? You’re going to need a piece of string and a condom full of your own cum for me this time. You keep coming back for more!

Schoolgirl Lures You to Eat Your Cum for Her Amusement
I have some tasks in mind for you today. No, I'm not going to be nice. Yes, you will get to cum.

Topless Ten Tasks for My Cum Drinking Sluts

Added: 5/30/18
I love surprises! They're fun and exciting and that's what life is about right?

JOI Surprise