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It's fair to say that Santa most definately CAME last night! In doing so, he left us both with a ginormous present! After hearing rumours about Santa's cock, I just had to wait up for him and find a pleasurable way to drain his baubles!

Ruby Onyx - Santa Dropped His Load!
I know how desperate you are to touch Me, to know the suppleness of My skin and the warmth of My embrace. Only a lucky few have had the honor, and you have yet to earn that. Still, I want you to taste the intensity of your desire.

Master Ruby Bridget - Taste your Desperation
This video requires a chastity cage and for you to begin with your cock locked up for me. Have your key near by to remove your cage when instructed to do so. Fun twist at the end. (This is a sweet femdom style)

Mandy Madison - Unlock Your Cock For Your Goddess
Bi-Sexual, Cum Eating Instructions

MoneyGoddesss - Bi Cum Eating Instructions
I want you to cum in your hand and lick it up for me.. (while bouncing my tits)

NicoleBelle - CEI - Cum in your hand and lick it up
Feeling horny? Would you like to jerk off right now? I have an idea! Do you have a Fleshlight? That's great. I'll tell you exactly what to do while you fuck the fleshlight and watch my pussy.

cat_on_show - Fuck the fleshlight like my pussy - JOI and CEI
I was thinking that you could have some cum for breakfast and you could eat it all up. That sounds so good doesn’t it? Yes, that does mean you get to cum. Start stroking for me before I change my mind…

Larah_Sky - Cum for Breakfast - CEI Cooking Instructions
I love that you're such a dirty, kinky, nasty boy for me! Jerking your cock however and whenever I tell you to. Whether I instructing you to goon and edge for hours, or compelling you to cum over and over into a plate and make you lick up EVERY. LAST. DROP!

Goddess Aquaria - 3 Courses of Cum
You've eaten your cum numerous times, and you're already bored aren't you? you're a filthy pervert who needs to venture into more niche kinks in order to keep your sexual desires stimulating.

Ellie Haze - Eat your cum off the floor
I’ve noticed you’ve been playing with your penis a lot and I have an idea! Step-Mommy tells you eating your own cum is really healthy, enjoyable, and delicious. Added bonus - no mess to clean up : )

Sloansmoans - Step-mommy's good boy CEI
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