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This CEI gem ends with a countdown to a self-facial. Let's see what kind of cum slut you are.

DommeTomorrow - CUM GUZZLER
You know how you always tell me you have a secret fetish of being Encouraged to suck cock for a strong powerful female? well I'm about to make that a reality. Not only will you be sucking cock for me but you will also be making me money.

My Money Making Cock Sucker
When you hired a maid service, you didn't expect them to send a maid who is so sexy! You stare at Jessica the maid with your mouth hanging open as she sweeps the floor... you want her to like you so you offer to help her.

Mean Maid POV
Wouldn't you like to try something new? Maybe we need to go to the bar and live a little. Lets go find a nice young hot stud to fuck me! You have always wanted to see me fucked by another man, haven't you? A young rough strong cock?

Cuck Fantasy
Ewwww! Doesn't cum taste horrible? It does. It's going to be sooo bad. Only a true, depraved FREAK would eat it. I'm not even going to tell you to do it.... but I have a feeling you're going to anyway.

Mistress Bijoux - Cum Eating FREAK

Cum Worship CEI and ASMR
You are so turned on by the idea of eating, tasting, licking and swallowing your own cum... so much so, you orgasm so hard! Then, when it comes time to actually eat your cum, you pussy out! That is completely unacceptable. This behavior simply cannot continue so it is time for Me to step in and ensure that, this time, you really will follow through and eat it.

CEI for Pussies #2