I’ve convinced you to cancel your original date night plans to take me out instead. Sure I used to bully you, but that never stopped you from forming the biggest crush on me. Tonight I’ll be using that against you. Can you guess what’s on the menu?

Versona - Dinner Date
Thirsty? Craving a treat? You do deserve rewards sometimes, this is your chance to get it. A nice salty, warm mouthful of cum! I want every drip drop of your cum, milked & pumped right into a cup. You do need your liquids, you do need to hydrate. Which by the looks of things, you haven't done enough, don't waste a single drop of your cum.

Tsarina Baltic - Cum Treat CEI
Our step-parents have left for the weekend which means we can fuck each other without having to sneak around at night to do it. Knowing we can be as loud and kinky as we want, we fuck each other so hard till our cocks burst with cum, licking and swapping our cum, letting mix all around in our mouths together back and fourth. (Futanari, CEI, Cum Play, Imposed fucking, Snowballing)

Mandy Madison - Futanari Stepsister Fuck CEI
I know there's nothing more gratifying than the feeling you get when I let you cum for me, but in this clip I'm going to show you a way to derive even more intense pleasure from your orgasm. Maybe you're new to cei and haven't yet acquired a taste for it or maybe you're an experienced cum swallowing enthusiast just looking for your fix.

Kylie Star - The Flavor of Satisfaction
It's time to commit to the most important part of being my cuck - cleaning up the mess left in my pussy by Alpha cocks.
I spent the evening taking cock after giant cock, and load after load of hot cum. They all came deep in my pussy, leaving a huge creamy mess inside me. I want you to lick up every drop. I'll tell you all about my evening while you clean up their mess, and even allow you to cum once you've finished your clean-up cuck duties.

Scarlett Belle - Clean up Cuck
This is a mindrinsing clip filled with mesmerizing imagery and echoing audio tracks that will overwhelm your brain and mindrinse you into being a good sissy slut.

Queen Elastica - Sissy Faggot Cocksucker Mindrinsing - Greedy Cockslut Training
It’s been what…3 dates now? I guess you could say we are officially dating… but do I know the REAL you and do you know the REAL me? Let’s get properly acquainted…shall we? I instruct you to take your pants off, but not for what you think. Obviously you can’t fuck me so soon, but stroke? Sure!

Kerri King - Your New Girlfriend by Kerri King