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So, our friend let us stay late at the bar. All shut up for the night we decided to be our ever so caring selves and invite you over for a late night tipple! I know your surprised, but hey, we do have a nice side!haha (yeah right) Now we heard you were pretty weird, we heard you did kinda fucked up and we wanted to see for ourselves.

After Hours Drink
There is only so much I can do for my slaves. I take the time out of my day to give you the relief youve been craving. You havent cum in days and this is your one chance to impress me for your devotion as one of my slaves.

Consume Your Cum
Watch as I mesmerize this poor fool, Aaron. I turn him into my puppet by talking to him slowly and persuasively while playfully teasing him my hair. I can get him to so whatever I want. He is completely under my control as he stares into my eyes.

Aarons Hypnosis CEI 2
Do you want to show your true devotion to me? Then prove it by completing the 5 tasks that will make you worthy enough to call yourself my permanent manwhore. The tasks are very difficult and are certain to completely break you and show how worthless of a man you are, but youll be forever my slave, which is everything youve dreamed. Can you do it? Are you devoted enough? Ill show you what true humiliation because your tasks will have you naked in public jerking your tiny cock for tons of women then eating your cum right in front of them and thats just the first task...

5 Humiliating Tasks
Men just can’t help themselves from thinking the dirtiest things when they see a girl like me. I know I can be a tease, but who knew I had so much power over you. All those twisted ideas you keep secret in your head belong to me now. Stroke for me, tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me. Now do something dirty for me, lick up all that cum! Go on show your Domme what a dirty cum slut you truly are…

Swallow Your Load
When you get married to a man with , you have to take on some responsibilities a their new stepmom. One chore I hate doing is the laundry, especially for my loser stepson. Every time I touch his dirty clothes I find a bunch of crusty socks sticking together.

CEI Lessons From Step Mom
I know what a filthy pig you are. Jerking yourself all day and night to my clips with that soft pink fleshlight I gave you. Just because youre a disgusting perv doesnt mean you have to be so gross and neglect your hygiene.

Clean Your Fleshlight