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You know Im the best at getting that cock hard and shooting loads of cum everywhere.

Cum Sucking Whore
There is only so much I can do for my slaves. I take the time out of my day to give you the relief youve been craving.

Comsume Your Cum
I'm not totally heartless though, I saved you a little souvenir; our used condom.

Post Coitus Humiliation
You sick fuck. Did you really think you could get a girl as hot as me?

Clean His Cock
Go ahead, unzip your flies and crank that lonely cock as I command you to blow your load

Denim Desire
Once you've blown your own load, you're slurping that up as well. Then you can crawl back under the bridge you slithered out of, loser.

Eat cum, brother
We count you down to orgasm and then humiliate you further by making you eat up all your cum.

Eat Cum For Your Sisters