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I’ll make you fuck your own dick hole, cum on your face, use that cum to lube a dildo, fuck yourself in the ass, and then cum again!

Jerk Off Challenge
I have him get a glass and piss in it, then hold it up to his mouth and drink as he jerks his cock with his other hand.

Aaron's Hypn0sis
You force me to blow my pathetic load into the condom and measure both before you pour both loads into the crotch of your creamy panties before you make me lick them all clean.

Is it in?
Together we overwhelm your senses, each of us leading you down separate paths at the same time. The best part is we have a common goal... to fuck with your pervert mind until you are so confused and horny that you spiral even further into your femdom obsession.

The Angel And The Devil On Your Shoulders

I tease him with my body and explain that he will soon be joining his family of whores, coax him into cumming, and force him into eating his own cum.

Family Pimping
I know your dirty little secret: deep down, all you want to do is eat cum. Your cock is hard just thinking about that salty spunk in your mouth, isn’t it?

Spooge Slurping Slut
Wanna have some fun? Let's blow a big load on your face. Specifically your own. C'mon, don't act like you've never done it before.

One Man Bukkake
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