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I just love love love when you decide to eat your cum for me.. So many things you could do with your cum, but you choose to be a good boy and swallow it down!

Cum Eat For Me
Wanna taste your own cum, but you're too afraid? Do you love eating your cum and you wanna listen to me encourage you? This is a good video for my new and experienced cum eaters.

Your First Time Eating Cum

Added: 1/16/18
d better than your own cum... So why not eat it for me! IF you are a beginner this is probably a bit too advanced for you, but give it a shot..However- If you love eating your cum and you love having a beautiful woman telling you to do it- than watch this!

Dirty Talk CEI

Added: 24/02/18
Babeariel tells you how to stroke and drink your cum.

I want you to be my good little cum eating bitch boy. The only way thats going to happen is if you follow my directions to the letter.

No Chickening Out
This video was a custom request and the name Fred is used. This is the second part of the series of trying to convince Fred he IS GOING TO EAT his cum for me. He is dating my twin, so of course I use that against him.

I Told Her, Part 2
You’ll do anything for me. Seeing me dressed up elegantly has your cock straining and your mind weak to submit to me. Once again you are craving cock and cum loads down your throat, pumping hot jizz for you to drink down again and again.

Fresh Cum Loads