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But the catch is that I'm gonna cure you of your resistance to cum eating, haha!

Open Wide For A Full Load
You’ll do whatever task the wheel lands on with no exceptions.

Wheel of Misfortune: Game 1
I brought you a cup of semen from some hot guys...

Ruining Your Orgasm and Taunting You In My Bikini!
I will only allow you to finally cum if you cum on your own face for me, haha!

The Charlotte Show: Eat It
Go and get a plate and place it on your desk in front of you. Any cum that leaks from your tiny dicklet will have to be licked off that plate.

Edge And Ruin For Me
.. I also want you to eat your own cum today.

Extreme Edging & CEI
When you blow that load you're going to drink it all down for me.

Edging for a Big Load CEI