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I know exactly how to help guys like you learn to love eating their cum for me, or at least take the plunge and try it for the first time!

Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum

Added: 2/3/19
If you cum prematurely you owe me a tax and you must lick it and start over. My dirty mouth and the way I move my body will have you pre cumming all over.

JOI Strip Tease with Extreme Edging

Added: 9/18/18
I can tell your hungry, hungry for something tasty. I want you to eat your cum.

Edging CEI

Added: 2/1/19
..where I use his name and make him eat his own cum!

Eat It For Me Again
Will I let you cum? Or will I ruin it? Will I make you eat it in some fun way?

Maybe, Maybe Not Part 2
Every time a little dollop forms at the head of your penis, you are to eat it as instructed.

Ooze, Eat & Repeat

Added: 3/29/18
Hopefully just one pump of cum that does nothing to relieve your blue balls but still is enough to eat!

Edge Whoops Eat