» » Eva de Vil
You’re way too excited.
Your cock is throbbing so badly you can barely touch it. Your balls feel like lead weights. My voice is chasing every rational thought out of your head. You’re dangerously close to cumming.

Only good boys go to heaven. Are you a good boy?

Eva de Vil - Heaven
I'm training you today.
This is a skill that's very important for any slut. As you follow my orders and suck that dildo, there's one thing I want you to focus on more than anything: eye contact.

Eva de Vil - Suck It
It was just too easy for me to take advantage of your weakness for me. My face, my voice… oh, and my ass too!
But you don’t mind the way I capitalize on my natural assets to assert my control, do you? How could you mind when it feels this good to stroke your addicted cock for this perfect ass?

Eva de Vil - Adoring Ass Addict
Surprise! Oh, have I caught you at a bad time?
Wifey's gonna be home any minute. That's unfortunate. She'll definitely leave you if she catches me here in my lingerie.
The only way I'm leaving is if you eat a big, hot load of cum for me. You have to shoot it straight into your mouth.

Eva de Vil - My Slave, Not Her Husband
My pussy needs a break! I need time to recover from all the sex I've been having with my latest two man toys.
You've seen how well endowed they are! Imagine being pounded by them on a regular basis!

Eva de Vil - Stuffed Cuck Slut
Do you want to entertain me? Do you want to impress me with your talents for self degradation? I have a challenge for you.
You have to be in the loser pose the whole time: legs over your head, pointing your cock directly at your mouth.

Eva de Vil - Loser Pose Challenge
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