I want you to have two saved cummy loads, in a shot glass. I am going to make you into my greedy boy, today. You will greedily consume your own filth for me, without hesitation.

Greedy Boy
You are back again? Firts JOI games, then you was eating your own cum, then it was f*orced int*ox, then strapon play.. what now? Now I will make you fall even deeper into my femdom clips.

Losers like you are so pathetic. You wanna know what I know about you? I know that you're minute man, a minute boy. If I'd show you one tit, you'd cum immediately.

Schoolgirl Makes Minute Man Eat His Cum
I loaded in sessions on this day and have punished and restrained and teased boys, literally all day. Near midnight, I just really want you underneath me some more, and I've no time for guile. On your knees, for your dominatrix goddess. Sit down and shut up and grab your dick.

Bondage High JOI
A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Goddess has so much fun playing with your sexuality. I want you to stroke for Me. Stroke that cock like a Good Boy no matter what I show you. I’ll guide you as I always do. Give you all the encouragement you need.

Keep Stroking Challenge
Cumming eating instructions have gone magic-girl anime! Adorable effects to make you go further into humiliating addiction. Stroke and build up plenty for your goddess. Slime it on your fingers, give it a taste. Don't be shy. This clip is for losers but I’m going to make you my special loser.

Becoming My Masterpiece: CEI Tour DeForce
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