If you ever felt like you couldn't commit to eating cum or just want to brush up on and reexcite the need to eat cum, become a mindless cum eating slut, this clip is perfect for you. I'm more than happy to turn more and more submissive men into their own personal cum dumpster, you included!

Meditative CEI
Today's your lucky day, loser. No, you're not going to fuck me. Men like you don't fuck women like me. Women like me fuck alpha men. And you, my little cucky, are going to sit there like a good boy and watch as I fuck a REAL man.

Loser Cuckold Watches As I Fuck My Alpha
I am dominating and make you eat your own cum

CEI with Spit fetish
You're a cock craving little slut. I can see how hard you are staring at my strap on, hoping I'll command you to slide it down your throat. You can't keep your hands off your own penis as the fantasy of cumming with a cock in your mouth takes over.

Cock craving slut
Let's play round TWO! Get those dicks out. I'll continue Bunny's game that you love.

Bunny's Game Part 2 Let Me Control It
We both know you're a worthless loser who will do anything I say, and today you're going to cum right in your mouth for Me.

Cum in Your Loser Mouth
You’re late! So far you’re not on good terms with me.So.. how about I tell you all the things you’re going to be missing.

Your Punishment