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Nothing is hotter than doing something perverted and nasty just because I say so. Today you'll savour a big fat load for Me but of course I am going to make it extra disgusting for you! Mmmmm yummy cummy for Goddess hahah! I bet you are a bit reluctant to eat up your jizz but don't worry I am very convincing.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Swish & Gargle CEI
You don't have a choice, I will have you licking up your load for Me. You never thought you'd do it but here you are. I am a sensual woman that can manipulate you into doing whatever I want.

Goddess Gracie Haze - No Choice CEI
It's simple, you are going to sniff when I say and stroke when I say. You are going to be so fucked up as you jerk off to My perfect ass. I will have you inhaling longer and holding it longer for My juicy huge ass! Get ready for the hottest breath play you've ever seen!

Goddess Gracie Haze - Sniff And Stroke For My Ass
I'm sure you are familiar with the classic creme filled cookie that everyone loves. I have decided that you are going to have a special treat for dessert... Not only do you get to look at My beautiful body while stroking that cock, you are going to blow that load in a very special way for Me. I don't think you will ever be able to look at those cookies the same way again.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cookies`n Cum
So many times have you thought about eating your cum but you always struggle when it's time to act. You will try your cum for Me during this clip, trust Me. I am going to convince you to taste your cum, there is no way around it. You will cave and take a taste, just a small drop but that's how it always starts. I am going to have you licking your hand clean by the end of this video.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Convincing CEI
Tis the season to cuddle up and get cozy, most people have a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire but not you. I have something very different in mind for you, and you always do what I say. I am going to take control of your cozy little evening and make it more fun for ME! So why don't you start stroking and let's see where I take you. Of course you will be gobbling down your cum for Me per usual.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cozy Cum Eater
I am going to melt your mind with My CEI mantra, you will be licking up every drop without a single thought. Repeating My mantra will manipulate you into eating up all your cum. You need My control and crave My sensual dominance. I use My sexy body and beauty to make you weak as I bury My mantra deep in your mind.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cum Eating Mantra Mindfuck
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