» » Goddess Harley
Hopefully just one pump of cum that does nothing to relieve your blue balls but still is enough to eat!

Edge Whoops Eat
Well, Well… Here you are for another cum dumpster party! LOL!

Cum Dumpster Party Receptacle
Just a hint as to what you will be doing to be unlicked… You will be slurping up lots of cum!

Cruel Chastity Cum Game
You wanted to see my tits! Now you will eat cum for me!

Eat Cum For Titties
When you wake up, You will feel compelled to blurt out your new cum eating status to every pretty girl you meet.

Fail Male Cum Eating
It's just that I have a little surprise for you, LOL! I'm gonna stoke...

Pegging The Cumslut

Added: 5/26/18
I really want to draw this out so it's really humiliating for you.
So maybe I'll have you cum on a plate so you can take your time and lick up every last drop.

Stroke The Cage And Eat The Cum

Added: 7/1/18
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