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I'm going to do just that. I'm going to f***e you to lap up your own cum load but it'll go beyond that... it's going to be in an even MORE humiliating manner than just eating your own jizz!

Demoralizing CEI

Added: 3/12/19
for Sweet Maria always knows best.

Your Last Orgasm As A Straight Male
Ah, mais tu pensais que tu allais simplement l├ęcher ton foutre dans ta main ? Haha, qu'elle est mignonne la pupute !

Bouffe ton sperme

Added: 4/5/19
That warm, white liquid that completely made up your manhood...

Good Boys Swallow

Added: 2/17/19
My real man has left quite a mess hasn't he cucky. Look at all these XL condoms he's filled up with cum, fucking your hot cheating girlfriend.

 Lick Up Real Man Cum While I Peg You

Added: 3/10/19
And I know you want to please me so you're going to jerk that cock and fill that cup for me with that gag deep inside your stupid loser mouth while you wonder what's about to happen to you. And if you don't fill it, you might need to cum again and again until that cup is absolutely full with your disgusting jizz.

Glaze Your Face With Your Own Cum

Added: 4/30/19
Jess has been writing down some humiliating tasks that she wants...

5 Humiliating Tasks