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Ugh you are so disgusting now clean up all your disgusting cum of your Mistress's boots with your tongue.

Cum On Your Mistress's Boots
Tell me how i'm your cumslut. Tell me how you know i'd love to eat my cum off your ass if you told me to.

Pathetic Cum Slut
I become increasingly cruel and humiliating about cum swallowing

CEI Blackmail Roleplay
How about you just pick up the dirty condoms he left in the bathroom.Yeah, guess how many condoms he filled... guess...

Condom Cleaning Cuckold
Do you like sweaters and fleece jackets? Do you like being instructed to eat your own cum? Then this will be the perfect video for you!

Fleece Enthusiast Eats Cum

Added: 9/11/19
You want me to see you trying to please me by eating cum for me?

Teased Into Cock Addiction
You've always got cum on the brain, don't you?

Cum Eating Addict for Me

Added: 10/19/19