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And I know you want to please me so you're going to jerk that cock and fill that cup for me with that gag deep inside your stupid loser mouth while you wonder what's about to happen to you. And if you don't fill it, you might need to cum again and again until that cup is absolutely full with your disgusting jizz.

Glaze Your Face With Your Own Cum

Added: 4/30/19
Jess has been writing down some humiliating tasks that she wants...

5 Humiliating Tasks
Well when I purchased this new Latex Outfit it made me dominant once again, this time - not only dominant, it made me want to explore the world of CEI

Swallow Your Load
You're gonna prove to Me just how revolting you're prepared to be to prove your devotion to Me when you're broke.

CEI for Broke Losers
I found out that you secretly wish to be coerced into sucking cock.

 Cheerleader Missy Bullies You into Sucking Cock for Her
Do you remember what I did to you back in school...

How Missy Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls Forever
You're going to jerk it for me then as I talk to you

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