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The video starts like a normal JOI video. After a while I tell you to inhale the aroma I prepared for you. You start feeling high and submissive, you would do anything for me. I tell you to insert your frozen cum cube into your mouth and have it melt there until I order you to swallow it.

Aroma, Submission And CEI
I'm deep inside your mind. You'll do anything for Miss Whip. Yes Miss Whip. Yes Miss Whip. Dose for Miss Whip. Smoke for Miss Whip. Inhale for Miss Whip. Imbibe for Miss Whip. Send. Dose. Stroke. Dose. Chug. Sniff. Yes Miss Whip.

INTOXXX JOI CEI Whipnotized Goon
I have a special treatment for toxic masculinity. Some patients are Nervous to it, but you volunteered because you trust my expertise. Follow my detailed instructions and you will improve yourself. Warning: you might get addicted to this treatment and watch this video over and over again.

Self Facial JOI CEI
For today's edging training, you're going to be a good boy. If you cum before I say, you have to eat your cum. Wait, what happened?! You just came in my mouth! Well, you know what your punishment is. You're going to eat all your cum. Good boy.

Good Boys Eat All Their Cum
Time to put you in your place little sissy slut. A goon specifically for the lowest, dirtiest sissy bitches. Lock away that cock and get out your biggest dildo, you can't wank like a real man - NONO!

Sissy goon humiliation - Eat your sissygasm
Today your name will be Sissy Molly. I’ve setup a threesome for us today. Me, you, and a man with a big cock. But, I have to warm you up since he doesn’t like to watch a sissy cum. He just wants to use you for your holes.

Sissy Slut Warmup
I would love if you could cross and uncross your legs teasing me, knowing how weak it makes me. You verbally abuse me telling me how pathetic I am and how crossing your legs makes me so weak. In fact you could make me eat my own cum and Encourage me to be bi if you wanted.

Degraded & Pimped Out For Me