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Your new therapist-fantasy is helping you work through some deep rooted issues. You have always struggled with confidence, and feelings of inadequacy. Even though, you know why you feel this way, you don't like to admit it.

Sex Therapy-Fantasy
Eating your warm, salty load has been your biggest fantasy forever

Cum Eating Instructions For Dummies
Like for example, how about today we feed that hunger with some cum! I know it won’t be a problem ...

Hungry For Cum
I've always had a strange sexual fetish involving watching men gobble up loads of cum for Me.

Eat Cum for Me
Start watching, and stroking, your tiny little cock as I show off my arches and feet in this lovely heels.

Cleaning Cum Off My Toes
How would I have you dispose of the cum?

Boss Makes You Jerk Off & Swallow Your Cum
Send, stroke, swallow. Repeat. It's an ongoing cycle that you just can't quit.

Send, Stroke, Swallow