» » Josie Cairaway
If you lose you're going to swallow your first cum load from another man.

Awesome Husband Contest Between Bull
Your bully and I are going to have such a good laugh looking at you licking it all up.

Sissy Your Bully Is On The Way
First you're going to practice eating cum by jerking off in front of me and eating your own.

Sorry Hubby, He Wasn't A One Time Thing
Look at you eating all that cum like a good sissy slut.

Misogynistic Husband Mesmerized Into Sissy Slut
I'll even give you a little show. I want to see you eat your own cum.

Always Staring At My Ass
But to be a woman you need to appreciate a hot load from a man sliding down your throat.

A Good Sissy Swallows Cum
Yes, I'm serious. You're going to jerk that little guy and then you're going to eat your cum. Don't...just shut up and do it.

I've Never Seen Anybody Beg Before