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So... why don’t you come on over here and lick all this cum off my pussy and clit while I tell you exactly how I fucked my date when I was cheating on you tonight.

Cuckold – Pussy Licking CEI
By jizzing on the crotch of my panties, and cleaning it up with your tongue!

Cum Eating Instruction – Cross Dressing, Panty Fetish Humiliation
I want you to finger fuck yourself as you stroke your cock. It’ll turn me on soo much to see you explore yourself down there. And don’t think about cumming until you stick those fingers deep in your mouth.

Cum Eating Instruction - Girlfriend Dirty Ass Fingering, Jerk off Instruction
I love watching you jerk it so much that I can't stop rubbing myself through my tight little panties! Are you as ready to shoot your fiftieth load for me as I am to watch it go right back down your throat?

Cum Eating Instruction - Drinking 50 Loads
I'm glad you could join us at the sperm bank today. We're really in desperate need for your donation, but unfortunately all of our jack-off materials were stolen!

Cum Eating Instruction - Sperm Bank Overflow
Today’s experiment is to determine if we can train you to enjoy the taste of semen.

Cum Eating Instruction – Jerk Off Instruction Experiment, Phase 2
Thank you so much for joining our study. I’ll just be observing you and taking a few notes while you masturbate, and when you’re done I’ll need you to cum into a cup.

Cum Eating Instructions – Jerk Off Instructions Experiment and Surprise