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Its time for bed! Don't try to argue with me, I've got your dirty old plushie. Ugh, okay… I've got an idea that will make you fall fast asleep. I hear somewhere in Asia, mothers suck on their little boys' pee pees til they squirt white cream to help them sleep soundly.

Cum Eating Instruction - Babysitter Jerk Off Instruction
You’re going to cum for me. I nice big load… right into your hand! Then, you’re going to suck up all of your filthy jizz, and hold it in your fucking mouth until I say you can swallow!

Cum Eating Instruction – Jerk Off Instruction, On Face
Watch and follow, stroking up and down until I tell you to lay back with your legs behind your head. Aim that cock right at your face for your very first facial.

Cum Eating Instructions – Total Humiliation
You're going to watch this clip while you're laying on your back, jerking off with your dick in your face. Wanna know why? Because you're going to cum all over your loser face.

Forced Bisexual - Face Cum Eating Instruction
Well look what we have here, a dirty little cum drinker that loves nothing more than the taste of his own cum… and drinking it – of course! Why don’t you go and get a few special items for me.

Cum Eating Instructions – Wife Feeds Condom
I know you're ready to jack off for me again, but this time you're going to cum inside of an ice cube tray. I want you to fill up an ice cube hole with your jizz, and when you're done I want you to put it into the freezer.

Cum Eating Instruction - Freezing Your Cum in Icecube Tray - Part 1
I see you've completed your assignment, so you should have a nice piece of froze cum ready for me. I want you to get that frozen cum out of the ice tray, and place that frozen nectar right onto your tongue.

Cum Eating Instruction - Eating Your Frozen Cum - Part 2