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You can no longer deny your addicktion to cock. Your cock no longer gets hard for pussy, only for cock and cum. You are to get a pair of panties and your medicine and do as I say while you watch. You are going to be guided to speak your truth openly after you take your medicine. You will cum into the panties when I do and be made to eat your lust for Lady meat. Now be a good boy and do as Mistress says and prove your worth.

TgirlOneGuy - Sexual Conversion CEI
The year is coming to an end and its time you finally taste your load. Listen to my voice as I instruct you to jerk your beta dick to me str8 boy. You’re going to make a massive splash to end the year and taste it after I count you down.

TgirlOneGuy - Christmas CEI Countdown
Your therapy session begins now. You know you fail at being an Alpha and that you crave cock in those slutty holes of yours. Your little dick could never put anyone in their place. You need to begin your conversion. You are going to cum and feast on your own lust. I'm going to count you down from 10. It's going to be the greatest release once you finally give up the act. I'l be here to guide you.

TgirlOneGuy - Conversion Therapy
It’s time you finally followed through and ate your cum. Your addiction to cock is too strong for you to resist and deny any longer. Repeat the confessions I call out to you. You must accept who and what you are and I am here to aid you in that. I will count us both down and you are to clean up with mess that you make. no backing out this time bitch boy.

Conversion Therapy CEI Countdown
You better be on your best behavior when you step into Kendall Penny’s boudoir. A true Southern Belle, Kendall has no time for weak, disobedient boys and you’re going to have to prove that you’re tough enough to handle her instructions, not to mention her intense sexual energy!

KINKY JOI - Eat Up Your Lust
Kendal strokes and pleasures herself, guiding you in exactly how to give her what she wants, leading up to a nice and sexy self facial.

Cum Eating Instructions

Added: 1/6/21