Goddess always has a plan for you. Today is no different. Even though you fear it you know what it is.

Virgin Tease & Torment: Be My Virgin Forever!

Added: 5/6/19
You’re going to be COVERED in cum for me today, like a good sissy bitch!

Sissy Flip Facial (CEI)

Added: 3/2/19
... you are a man and can take your own load first!

CEI for the Entitled Date
You want to eat your cum. You fantasize endlessly about it, especially when you're jerking away and edging closer...closer...closer to that payload.

The Best Reason To Eat Your Cum

Added: 4/26/19
You're really going to savor your cum for me. You'll be holding it in your mouth longer today than you ever have before. You'll still be tasting your load as your dick starts to fall limp, swishing it around and letting it linger, simultaneously repulsed and aroused.

Hold It In Your Mouth CEI

Added: 12/7/18
How easily I make you BLOW… how effortlessly I make you EAT it.

SWALLOW it Slave: Don't Miss a DROP

Added: 2/28/19
You're going to be a good little cum eater for me. That's what you want, right?

Good Little Cum Eater
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