This is another mystery CEI challenge. I was excited enough for this idea that I tried it out on one of my personal CEI subs first, and I'm pleased with the results!

Creative Cum Eater Challenge
It's dinner time, so i have something very delicious for you, something you love very much.

Hungry Hubby Dinner Time
You'll be my good little cumslut, won't you?

Sensual Cum Play

Added: 7/6/19
I want to teach you how to be the best cum eater there is.

Cum Eating Training
Goddess always has a plan for you. Today is no different. Even though you fear it you know what it is.

Virgin Tease & Torment: Be My Virgin Forever!

Added: 5/6/19
You’re going to be COVERED in cum for me today, like a good sissy bitch!

Sissy Flip Facial (CEI)

Added: 3/2/19
... you are a man and can take your own load first!

CEI for the Entitled Date
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