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It's something you've always struggled with, the thought of consuming your own slippery fluids after your inevitable orgasm.

No Choice CEI
Been saving up your cum for Me like a good boy haven't you? How many loads do you think you have saved up for Me at this point? 10? 20? 30!? Whatever the number I am sure the mere sight and smell of it is enough to make you lightheaded.

Slurping Loads of Cum
I have a new cum eating task for you, something very different from what we've done in the past. I've been busy thinking of ways to get the most cum shy of you to slurp down your own load for me.

Are you looking forward to swallowing down a huge load for me? It doesn't really matter if you are or not because when you stroke for me, you're expected to lick up every last drop of your puddle.

Swallow it Down
I got bored of the old standard ways of making you pervs devour you slave slime. So I came up with a new way you devoted addicts could slurp down every drop of your creamy ejaculate.

Nasty Naughty CEI
Rene and I know that the more you jerk off to us, the more you want your limits pushed. We love knowing how kinky and dirty you are willing to get just to please us, and knowing you were able to please your superior Goddesses makes you cum just that much harder.

 Cum Guzzling Pet
It gets you off succumbing to my instructions and demands, you crave to feel my control. Stroking and cumming to my instructions.

Double Ruined Orgasm