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This is a very effective vid to help you finally eat your own cum. I know you want to do it & it seems hot right up to the point where you do it...then you chicken out.

Eat Cum For Me
It must have been so challenging for you my little cuckold, hearing me in the next room fucking that bull.

You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold
When you cum in my pussy, you then have to clean it up. All of it. I want you to lick it all out. And even though you don't love the idea of eating your own cum, at least it will be mixed with my delicious pussy juices.

Lick Out Your Own Cum From My Pussy, Lucky Slave
Cum with your ass stretched & filled to the max...then pull that hand out, scoop up your cum & eat it with the hand that's been in your ass.

Stretched Ass To Mouth
I make it sexy though, don't worry, I know how hard this might be for you...I give you some amazing visuals, seducing you into thinking you'll be able to fuck me...all you have to do is lick your cum off of my tits, face, lips...

Cum Eating Motivation
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