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I'm going to give you a BIG treat today. It's a buttfucking, cum eating marathon of depravity.

Anal Cumslut

Added: 6/25/20
This CEI clip is a little different from usual.

Tell Me Your CEI Fantasies
Do you know what's better than eating your own cum? Eating an extra big load while fucking your ass.

Anal CEI
Time to get naked now. Point that cock right at your face, stick your tongue out, and get ready for a delicious .

Piss Guzzling
You will eat your cum for me...

Eat It or Else
You lick up every last drop, but it doesn't end there....

Goon Into CEI

Added: 2/22/20
The stakes are high: a big self-facial and mouthful of cum if you lose.

Dangerous Edging: CEI Game