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By the end of the night, you'll be sucking cock like a sissy pro and begging to be covered with yet another load of cum.

Sissy Girlfriend
You will eat your cum for me today...or else. I'll give you three chances to swallow that load.

Escalating Penalties CEI
This is another mystery CEI challenge. I was excited enough for this idea that I tried it out on one of my personal CEI subs first, and I'm pleased with the results!

Creative Cum Eater Challenge
We're going to take this CEI session to the next level.

Cum Eating Anal Play
Close your eyes as you wrap your hand around that hard, excited cock. As you begin to slowly stroke, I want you to imagine a big load of cum shooting out of that cock. Where do you want that load to land?

No Way Out CEI
Most CEI clips implicitly involve an element of choice. A countdown, or maybe a few, culminating in one big moment of cum slut truth, where you have to either take the plunge or duck out. This makes it all too easy to resist at the final second. But this clip isn't like most CEI clips.

Lose Control CEI

Added: 5/26/19
Cum is meant to be enjoyed. Not just the big moment, not just a quick gulp, but the whole process -- from the first stroke to the last drop.

Enjoy It CEI