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Are you ready to become a good little cumlover for me? Ready or not, I'm going to turn you into one today. I have a way with cum cravers, a special touch. I know just how to make you go through with it.

Desperate For It CEI
You want to eat your cum. You fantasize endlessly about it, especially when you're jerking away and edging closer...closer...closer to that payload.

The Best Reason To Eat Your Cum

Added: 4/26/19
You're really going to savor your cum for me. You'll be holding it in your mouth longer today than you ever have before. You'll still be tasting your load as your dick starts to fall limp, swishing it around and letting it linger, simultaneously repulsed and aroused.

Hold It In Your Mouth CEI

Added: 12/7/18
I'm going to turn you into the biggest faggot you can be. A dildo in your asshole, lubed up with your own precum, and a load of cum sliding down your throat...you're going to be a total buttslut cum whore for me. I'll train you into a homo from both ends and teach you to love every single second of it.

Fuck Your Faggot Hole And Eat Your Cum
Let's play a little cum eating game. Strip down, lie down, and point your cock at your open mouth.

CEI Timer Game
A half hour of toilet tasks, each one more disgusting than the last.

Even Filthier Toilet Assignment