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Now I want you to clean off his cock and then lick his virile semen out of my asshole.

The Surprise Cuckold
You'll stroke and edge for me as I tell you all about something special I want you to try: eating a load of your own cream.

First Taste CEI
Today you're going to enjoy the ultimate cum lover's fantasy: a semen shower. A big, cummy self-facial, with my encouragement guiding you forward.

Cum Shower CEI

Added: 6/1/18
Are you ready to play a dangerous CEI game? Lie down on your back. Assume the position. Tongue out, hips arched up, cock pointed right at your face.
This is a foolproof CEI session. There's no opportunity to back out, no chance for hesitation, no space for second thoughts. You will end up with cum drenching your face and tongue. You will eat your load by the end. I promise.

Foolproof CEI

Added: 3/10/18
It's the perfect pair: pee and cum. A tasty, creamy, jizzy treat mixed along with a sour yellow surprise. You won't just be a cum slut for me today. You're going to be a piss and cum slurper.

Piss And Cum CEI Marathon

Added: 3/30/18
Multiple Countdowns. Ruined Orgasms. Endless edging. Sensual stripping until I'm completely naked. CEI Foreplay.

The Best CEI

Added: 4/21/18
The second you feel yourself about to erupt I will FLASH my perfect bratty princess TITS at you.

Sister In Law Edging and CEI