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There's certain to be endless stripping, edging, creative cum play, swallowing, and more in today's challenge. There are 10 turns with dozens of possibilities for how the game will play out, and there will be high-stakes for *both* of us.

CEI Strip
You can't get enough of jerking your cock, but do you know what feels even better than your hand? Your mouth. Today I'm going to teach you the ultimate form of self stimulation: autofellatio. Do some stretches, take a deep breath, and get ready for an intense self-sucking lesson.

Suck Your Own Cock
What are you doing, little brother?? Oh my god, are you...masturbating? And is that porn on your computer? Haha, let's see what you were looking at, you little perv.

Caught Watching Porn: Big Sister Teaches You An Anal Lesson
Two fresh loads of cream, delivered straight from your cock into your mouth. It's a two course challenge for you, my little cumslut. It's so hot to coax you into eating your cum, and it's going to be more than doubly hot to see you down two whole jizzy mouthfuls.

Two Creamy Loads CEI
You'll be ruining two orgasms for me today...but there's a catch. See, I don't trust you to take your hand away at that key, liminal moment when I know just how much you want that blissful relief. So, I'm going to put you in a double bind: ruin it, or jizz straight into your mouth.

The Double Bind
Time to try something new, my little cumslut. Autofellatio, sucking your own cock until it explodes in your mouth, is hands down the most effective cum eating technique. There's no decision point, no space for hesitation when you're self-sucking; the cum shoots out exactly where it belongs - in your cum hungry mouth.

Autofellatio CEI
I will make you eat your load today, there's no question about that. I'm going to use two different, powerful tricks to ensure that you go through with it: a double bind, and the tool of surprise.

Cum Craving Fulfillment CEI