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Today will be all about cum and acquired taste, sissy slut! Buy up and start your new assignment.

We're going to do things a bit differently today! You're going to cum via wanking and massaging that prostate of yours!


You'll get a special treat at the end, of course.

I Control Your Mind and Actions
Finger your ass, edge for me, and lastly eat your cum for me!

Prostate Play For A Cum Whore
Well, of course I made you cum! 3 times in fact, letting that jizz pile up all over your lap. I have a plan for you.

Cum 3 times in 11 minutes with CEI
Rub it for me, and get close to the edge just looking, tasting your sucker as I taste my own!

Lollipop Licking Masturbation Instruction
You are a loser reject. Say it. "I am a loser reject." I want you to say this as you are jerking off. And I want you to put your legs up so that your loser dick is near your face and when you cum, I want you to cum all over your pathetic loser reject face. Because that's what you deserve. C'mon loser, make a mess on that ugly face of yours.

Loser Reject Facial – Taste Your Fucking Shame