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I know exactly what you’re here for. I know why you’re watching this video.

A Stupid, Mindless, Ass Addicted, Cum Eating Fucktard
There will be one for each day of the week, so you'll never grow tired of swallowing your own load for your beautiful Princess.. Let the fun begin!

I want you to start this video off, with a tray of ice cubes full of semen. If you don't have any, stop the video, and go make yourself some cum cubes.

Cum Cubes So You Can Savor Every Drop
They reveal their strap on cocks and tell you to get on your knees to suck. They then plaster your face with a well deserved cum shot facial!

Jon Gets a Double Facial
I tell you how in order to know what I mean, you'd have to try it. I'll assist you with the instructions and you'll be able to look at my body to stroke. At the end though, you KNOW what you must do.

Talked Into Eating Your Own Cum
You're going to do something special for me today. Something extra humiliating. You are gonna go to the store and buy some adult diapers. I wonder what the people in the store will think? LOL But that's far less humiliating than what I'm going to have you do.

Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It
You fucking losers would love a taste of my beautiful pink pussy. You covet what's underneath this skirt. But even if you got to touch my delicious pink pussy, you wouldn't know what to do with it. You wouldn't know how to handle it. You'd be worthless. Your cock would be worthless. You'd be so intimidated by me that you wouldn't be able to perform. You'd get so weak. And that is why you're just a little virgin boy.

Taste Your Virgin Cum
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