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Sexy jerk instructions with a yummy treat at the end!!! Hope you worked up a good appetiteā€¦then again no biggie if you didn't, Ill be making you jerk your dick so hard you'll be starving by the end :)

JOI Dessert
Don't act like you don't like it! You know you crave it, you yearn for it and most of all you love when I'm the one telling you exactly how to do it! You cant resist when I'm teasing you and more importantly you want to be my number 1 cum slurping faggot!

Swallow for me!!
You filthy little semen swallower! You cant get enough of your hot, salty cum blasting down your throat, you need it as much as you need to breath oxygen. I want to see you on your back stroking away nice and hard as I tease you because I am going to make you swallow like a porn star! Are you ready?!?!?

Swallow like a porn star
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