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Miss Vikki and I are here to coach you through FINALLY eating your own cum for us.

Sensual Cum Eating Coaches Ft. Miss Vikki
You love to jerk for Me, don't you little jerk off addict? you love to stroke that dick exactly how I tell you to.

Drink your own Nut
Then again, we don't blame you… we knew you wouldn't be able to resist jerking and slurping for us!

Jerk & Slurp For Bunny And Lyne
It's time, once again, for you to open that pretty little mouth and eat it ALL for ME! No I'm not talking about cupcakes, I'm talking about CUM - YOUR OWN CUM!

Eat it for ME - CEI - JOI
**This clip with DEFINITELY make you drink your own cum, GUARANTEED!!!!**

Ruined Orgasm Cum Drinker
I'm going to make you crave your own cum for Me… I'm going to make you completely addicted to your own spunk. I'm turning you into a helpless cum-craving addict.

Cum Eating Addict
So you’re a totally normal dude, right? You’re not like all these other “OLD, UGLY, DEGENERATE FREAKS” who serve Me. You’re “younger”… “attractive”… totally “normal.” Or.. so you claim to be. Well.. since you’re so intent on trying to convince Me how totally “normal” you are, I’m going to tease you.

CEI for a "normal dude"