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Are you a kinky cum eater? Whether you love eating your cum like a little slut or you're a first-timer...

Eat Your Cum for Rene and Astro Kittie
How could one possible EAT THEIR CUM in a classy manner?

Classy CEI
I want you to slurp that cum for Officer Rene, you naughty little boot addicted pervert--and don't you miss a drop!

Punished for Jerking to My Boots
Two blondes to force you into being a bi cock sucker for us!

Let's try a bit of my "alternative therapy" and see!

Alternative Threapy
This cum eating instruction brainwashing clip by Princess Rene is filled with layers upon layers of Princess Rene's silky voice, coaxing you over and over again to eat your own cum.

Princess Rene's Subliminal CEI Brainwashing

Added: 7/21/18
So, you like to eat your cum from time to time? Gets you excited to swallow your load for me doesn’t it, my little cum eating junkie?

Down the Hatch

Added: 1/8/18