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Take caution. This is for the serious masochists only and precautions should be taken if you are sensitive to spice/heat. Feel free to substitute for capsaicin cream.*

Talia Tate - Spicy Pussy CBT Task
I know a lot of you boys are bummed that the summer season is almost over. All the fun parties and outdoor activities are wrapping up for a lot of folks, and lonely loser boys like you will return to being inside allll alone. I’ve got a fun cure for those summertime blues though. You already know what I want you to do and I’m going to make it so easy and simple for you. I won’t even make you give yourself a facial or anything super radical.

Talia Tate - Slightly Sensual CEI
The world is full of thirsty, thirsty boys. And I don’t mean this new age meaning of “thirsty for attention”. I quite literally mean that our society is full of men who love the thought and act of guzzling their loads.

Talia Tate - Pocket Pussy CEI
You don’t have to pretend with me. I know dirty, thirsty, slutty boys like you love to tug your cock and suck down your semen in the name of serving me. It’s real cute when you act as though you’ve never tried it before or this is your first time….highly doubtful, but it’s fun to play along, encouraging and promoting you to consume your jizz for me.

Talia Tate - Slurp Slurp CEI
It’s so fun to watch and encourage you to slurp down your own semen. It’s even better when you’re swallowing load after load. And that’s exactly what I want from you today. You’re going to touch, tug, and stroke to completion, and each and every time you release you are going to slurp down your cum. I want your belly full of that hot, sticky man juice you so badly crave.

Talia Tate - Be Your Own Cum Dumpster
Your teacher catches you watching porn in her classroom while she’s trying to educate you and the rest of your class. She’s determined to make a real example out of you. She calls you to the front of the room where you are to place your phone on her desk and then turn toward your classmates.

Talia Tate - Teachers Jerking Punishment
Good morning my pet! Rise and shine, time to do something dirty and depraved first thing in the morning. Or perhaps it’s a cup of tea before bedtime instead, either way I truly don’t mind as long as you follow my exact instructions. I’m in the mood to be a tease and use my decadent body to encourage you to stroke and cum into your cup and slurp it all down for me. I’ll reward those that do…

Talia Tate - Cream In Your Coffee
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