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I have plenty of names for you. Loser, beta, worthless worm, bitch, desperate whore, I mean the list goes on and on. But I feel like it's time I add a new one. Cumslut. It has a nice ring to it. You've thought about crossing this bridge so many times, well tonight you're doing it. It'll be easy, just buy this clip and watch how convincing I can be.

Versona - First Time CEI
In this originally custom made video I show you pictures of my sissy sluts shrimp dick. Using him as an example, I show you how to stroke such a small cock and just how I want you to Torment yourself. We play a fun game of red light, green light and I tease you with my scrumptious body. I laugh at you while I ruin your orgasm and make you finish in your mouth, only to tell you exactly how I'm going to make you eat your disgusting cum. Be a good sissy bitch for me.

Sissy Humiliation, JOI, & CEI
You can't stop jerking off to Me. And you're also an eager to please bitch. So tonight I'm taking advantage of both of those things. Making you graduate from being My bitch to My cumslut. You're not only going to eat your cum for Me, you're going to fucking like it. And you're going to endure every humiliating name and insult that I throw your way just to do it in My presence.

My New Cumslut
You're so used to having to make the decisions in your life. You hold all the power. But tonight is the night that all changes. You're handing it over to Me and from this point forward I'm going to dictate every thing you do, every time you jerk, and what you do with your cum afterwards.

Introduction To Slave Training
Eating your warm, salty load has been your biggest fantasy forever

Cum Eating Instructions For Dummies
Send, stroke, swallow. Repeat. It's an ongoing cycle that you just can't quit.

Send, Stroke, Swallow
You know I love nothing more than assigning new challenges to you. The one I have in mind for tonight is sure to end one way.

Resist Or Eat Your Cum Challenge
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